Dr. Sumit Kr. Mukherjee, a renowned physiotherapist in Kolkata holds a Master degree in Orthopaedics. He has been a top student in class and also received a Gold medal at BPT level. After completing his MPT in Orthopedics, recieved a fellowship in orthopedic rehabilitation from London Acedemy of Sports and Health Sciences. Having several years of experience in pain management dealing with state of the art electrotherapy, manipulative techniques and acupuncture analgesia.

Dr. Mukherjee, has been in prestigious position as The HOD of Physiotherapy Dept, Pacific Point- Centre for Pain Relief, a renowned clinic at Ballygunge, Kolkata for nearly twenty years now. He is also academically associated with teaching since 10 long years, is a Faculty member, Examiner and Lecturer with The West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

He also works as a Faculty member with Sikkim Manipal University since last 3 years, dealing with “Health Care Management courses”. Being a renowned Manual therapy specialist in Kolkata, with keen interest in Manipulation apart from Analgesic Acupuncture and Taping techniques ,has a no. of pain relieving methodologies. He also enjoys lifetime memberships of several Manual Therapy Foundation Schools of India and also has affiliation with The Curtin University, Australia.

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Dr. Sumit Kr. Mukherjee(PT) Reg. No. 2818

MPT(Orthopedics), BPT(Gold Med), BSc(H), B.Acu(Colombo), Fellowship in Orthopedic Rehabilitation:LASHS, London, MIAP

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Arthritis is the inflammation caused by the breakdown of cartilage in the joints thereby affecting the joints. In simpler terms it can be explained that the joints function smoothly only when the cartilage acts as a lubricant in the joints allowing free movement. Cartilage absorbs all the shock and a breakdown in cartilage will make the bones come in contact with each other causing pain…


Back pain is perhaps the most common problems individuals face in todays life. It is mainly due to improper posture at work place and exertion of the body. The pain originates from the bones and joints from where the various kind of back pain forms like neck pain and the tailbone. Muscle spasms and muscle imbalances are also a common cause of back pain…


Cervical Spondylosis is a disorder where the discs which act as a soft cushion between the vertebrae i.e the bones of the neck degenerates. Pressure is created on the nerves as they rub against each other leading to friction and erosion of the bones which might move out of their position leading to considerable pain and disability…..


Elbow pain is a common symptom amongst all individuals.One of the most common elbow pains is Tendonitis which is an inflammation and injury of the tendons. Tennis elbows occur in the outer arm for people playing tennis regularly. This process is also called medically as Lateral Epicondylitis. Golfers have injuries to the inner side of the arm joint which is known as the medial epicondylitis. Depending on the type of elbow pain…